Post-sale service

Company Private Club Deals offers a range of services that can be formed into an individual set of services for each client. The price depends on the type of service and on quantity of formed services.



Organization of planned housing support

  • Periodic inspection and external inspection of housing. The number of visits and their frequency are negotiated separately.
  • Attraction and organization of work of specialized services for routine inspection of housing engineering systems.
  • The organization of cleaning of housing in accordance with the approved schedule.

Key storage

  • We provide storage of a duplicate house key in case of emergency problems.
  • Keys are stored in a secure place in a safe.

Receiving customer correspondence to the address of the company Private Club Deals

  • We provide reception and processing of correspondence intended for the client.
  • The content of the letters is studied by the manager attached to the client.
  • In the case of receiving information that requires urgent action, the client is notified, a copy of the letter is sent to him for review and agreed measures are taken.
  • The originals of all correspondence are stored in the office until the transfer to the client.
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality.

Utility Management

  • Registration of contracts for the connection of gas, electricity, water, garbage, telephone, Internet, etc.
  • Accompanying services to the site for verification and activation of installed systems.
  • Reception and organization of payment for utilities, timely notification of the client.
  • Resolving disputes with utilities and service providers.


Emergency call

A personal manager is attached to the client, who is obliged to provide solutions to urgent problems related to water supply, air conditioning and security systems, gas equipment and electrical systems.
The problem that has arisen must be resolved by means of an emergency call to public utilities and their escort to the object.
During the execution of work, we undertake to monitor the implementation and result of repairs.
When an emergency situation arises, the client is notified at the first opportunity by SMS, phone call or e-mail.
The cost of the cost is communicated to the client after all the necessary work has been completed.

Cleaning and preparing housing for the arrival of guests

  • We will ensure that rooms are cleaned before and after arrival.
  • We organize scheduled cleaning according to a pre-agreed schedule.
  • Let's check the serviceability of equipment and systems.
  • In winter, we will turn on the heating system before arrival.
  • Date and period of residence is agreed in advance.
  • The cost of attracting third-party staff is discussed and paid separately.

Garden cleaning

  • Organization and support of cleaning specialists on the plot:
    • Garden
    • Swimming pool
    • Dock
  • Control of insect and rodent infestation.
  • Decorating the site and preparing it for public events.


Representing clients in housing and utilities

  • Fiduciary representation of a client’s interests at a condominium meeting.
  • Alert the client in Russian about all decisions taken and changes made.
  • Periodic correspondence with the administration of housing and communal services.

Housing administration

  • Notification of tax payments on time
  • Organization of payment of taxes and fees
  • Filling and filing tax returns
  • Property Tax Calculation
  • Company Accountant Services
  • Secretarial services
  • - Lawyers and attorneys services.


Installation of Internet and satellite TV

  • Search and purchase of necessary equipment, if required, at the expense of the client.
  • Organization and control of equipment installation.
  • The client pays work of the involved services separately.

Organization of construction and repair work

  • Coordination of works and selection of a subcontractor for their implementation.
  • Coordination of the schedule for monitoring the progress and results of work.
  • Scheduled reporting in a convenient form for the client.
Property and transport insurance

  • Selection of current insurance programs
  • Escort in the insurance company
  • Registration of insurance by proxy

Selection of staff

  • Search and reception of personnel of the following specialties
    • Cook
    • Cleaner
    • Babysitter
    • Personal security
    • Personal driver
    • Concierge
    • Waiter
    • Bartender
    • Translator
    • Personal Shopping Assistant

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